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Psychometric Properties of the Norwegian Short Version of the Team Climate Inventory (TCI)

Sabine Kaiser, Bjørn Z. Ekelund, Joshua Patras, Monica Martinussen


Objective: To examine the psychometric properties of the short version of the Team Climate Inventory (TCI) in a Norwegian sample.  Method: A multi-level confirmatory factor analysis (MCFA) was conducted using Mplus.  The sample (N = 1380) comprised employees working in the private- (n = 657) and in the public sector (n = 723) in Norway.  A multi-group comparison was conducted to examine if the structure of the TCI fits across groups.  Results: The fit indices with the original four-factor structure on the within- and between level revealed acceptable results for the total sample (TLI .91, CFI .93, and RMSEA .042).  The multi-group analysis did result in significant change to model fit when the factor loadings and intercepts on the between level were fixed across groups, 2(25) = 182.58.  The individual- and group-level reliability estimates for the total scale of the TCI were satisfying, but not acceptable for two (Participative safety and Support for innovation) of the four scales.  Conclusion: The results of the MCFA indicated that the short version of the TCI may be used for assessing team climate for organizations and for research purposes, but some caution should be taken when interpreting results from two sub-scales with marginal reliability.

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